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Who Am I?

What We Do:

Our mission is to provide meaningful, easy to understand flight simulator lessons and tutorials.

There are millions of people who dream of flying and who use flight simulators. Most however, don't have enough information to really maximize their time and actually learn something in the process! My mission is to break down flying, flight simulators, and aviation into simple, easy to understand, and meaningful lessons. I want you to be able to take your flight sim experience to the next level!

Again, those who use flight simulators make the best pilots and learn the quickest!

During my flight training I used computer flight simulators to review what I was learning in my flight lessons, with a pretty basic set up, and it saved me anywhere between $5-10,000 over what most people spend, and what I would've spent had I relied solely on aircraft training.

I hope one day you decide to pursue your dream of flying, and take some flight lessons, or even go all the way and get your commercial and airline transport pilot certificates!

Even if you don't, however, I know that you will find these lessons helpful, easy, and fun!

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